NEST - Empowering Somatics Meeting, the annual event providing space for sharing practices and inspiration and the meeting point connecting people and ideas in different somatic approaches.

NEST has the multidisciplinary focus on how body-mind integrating approaches can empower people in questions of individual growth, increasing professional skills, possibilities in movement, emproving quality of the life.

NEST reconnects people applying somatic approach in fields of  art, therapy and education. 

NEST is an open mind professional net-work which unites the diversity of methods withing somatic movement umbrella.

NEST is dedicated to issues of embodyment, experiential learning, applyed anatomy, mindfulness, body wisdom,  inner peace, balance, development, transformation and growth.

We invite professionals working with somatic approaches such as 5 Pillars Somatics, Body-Mind Centering, Feldenkrais Method, Laban Movement Analysis, Alexander Technique etc., and people whose profession or passion (interest) is related to movement, theraphy, psychology, councelling, art, dance, sport, fitness, yoga, health and wellbeing.

Created by Somatic Movement Lab (c) 2014